So, You Want to Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

I’ll be honest, it’s not really for everyone.

It turns out most people have zero interest in rolling around on the floor while getting choked unconscious for fun. Crazy world eh?

But there really is no way to know if you’ll like it unless you try. So here’s the deal. Click the link below and download the booklet. Read it.

The whole thing!

After you’ve read the booklet if you’re still thinking “Yeah, that sounds like a good time”, then come check out a class to be sure. You’ll find a waiver and a couple of coupons for FREE classes in the back of the booklet. Print them out, fill out the waiver, and bring it and the coupon with you to class.

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:30pm – show up a couple minutes early to get stretched out.

Fat Buddha is a private club. If you like us, and we like you, you’ll be invited to join. If it’s not a fit, no harm – no foul.

Bill Thomas


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